Magnolia House Custom Framing
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  ~ You are buying a uniquely designed frame, a custom-made product with the right colors, frame style, and most importantly, the right materials to display and protect your art, photo or memorabilia. With an artistic eye and technical expertise, custom framers produce beautiful, well-balanced presentations that can enhance your work of art without overpowering it. Furthermore, you are buying your own peace of mind that your artwork is in able hands and is framed in such a way that will keep it as lovely as it is today for your enjoyment for years to come.


~ Anything you wish to display, either on a wall or on a flat surface. You name it, we'll frame it. We frame everything from signed baseballs to first communion gowns. We've framed commemorative christmas ornaments, flags, swords and, of course, art work of all kinds including ceramics. Take a look at our 'Framing Ideas' to see photographic examples. (Click here for Framing Ideas.)

  ~ Conservation Framing employs the use of materials that have been proven to protect and maintain art in as close to its original condition as possible. If it's worth framing, it's worth protecting!

  ~ There are at least ten different types of glass available as well as acrylic and plexiglass, and each type serves a unique purpose. For example, not all non-glare or anti-reflective glass is created equal, and not all canvas pieces require glass whereas all photographs need Ultra Violet protective glass.  UV Protective glass blocks over 97% of all UV rays compared to regular glass that blocks only 45% of these harmful rays that cause once bright pigments to fade and discolor.

  ~ CPF stands for Certified Picture Framer.  If you were sick, would you ask the check-out person at your drug store to diagnose and treat your illness? The same reasoning applies to the decision to use a custom framer's services. A professional picture framer is a person who has been formally educated to know how to preserve, protect and beautify works of art. The notation CPF can only be used with one's name after completion of a rigorous, standardized test.  CPF is to framing as Dr. is to medicine.