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Shirley Hunsberger is an active member of the Professional Picture Framers Association, PPFA. Visit their website here.

  PPFA leads, unifies and serves the art & framing industry as an advocate for its members and by offering programs that elevate professional standards, enhance profitability and expand sales.

A member of the Professional Picture Framers Association Shall:

~ Maintain a dignity of manner and behavior in the presentation of services and in all other forms of professional conduct
~ Observe the highest standards of honesty in all transactions; avoid the use of false, confusing, inaccurate or misleading terms, descriptions and claims
~ Produce a product of a quality equal or superior to the samples displayed
~ Recognize the responsibility to properly care for all art in his or her custody
~ Contribute to the advancement of the profession through support of industry standards, the education of fellow member and the public at large
~ Recognize the authority of this Association in all matters relating to the interpretation of this Code of Ethics